the UnSchool:

Where Harvard Meets Hogwarts

and Maverick mystics Get their MBA (Millionaire Business Activation)

Step 1 (required): Watch the Welcome Video

Time Requirement: 13 minutes, 28 seconds

step two (required): watch the unschool deep-dive video

 Time Requirement: 48 minutes, 14 seconds

Watch the video in its entirety.

It's long -- 45 minutes -- and that's purposeful. We want you to be fully warned -- I mean, informed ;) -- about what it takes to make it in the UnSchool, and what we specifically look for in an applicant. We know exactly what it takes to create quantum shifts in your business and life, so that you, too, can 10X your business in a matter of weeks (see the testimonial bask below for the host of incredible success stories), and at this point in human consciousness, not everyone is willing to have what it takes to drop their 3D limitations and lift into 5D flight.

NOTE: The interview process will refer to this video, so it will be real clear to us if you haven't watched it ;)

Ready to apply?

"Need" more information? ;) Keep going.

Step three (optional): watch the unschool overview video

Time Requirement: 20 minutes, 33 seconds

This is an overview of the details of the UnSchool (what you get, what we'll be doing, length of program, cost, etc.)

If you're a total badass and already know this is the only place on the planet for you to be and you want to flex your major 5D muscles and make this decision PURELY on your intuition, then you don't need to watch this, and can go directly to the application. 


If you're a badass-in-training and still need 3D things like "information" and "details" in order to make your decision, then that's exactly what this video is for. (But be forewarned, once you're inside, we're going to immediately overthrow your brain's primacy in running your life and making your decisions and instead, installing your Intuitive Guidance. So, just as an addict often takes ONE LAST HIT before she heads into rehab, go ahead and use your logic and brain just a little longer. You'll be handing them over soon enough ;) ) 

step four (optional): watch/read testimonials

Time Requirement: 43 minutes, 54 seconds

If you already know you want to apply, simply do so here.

testimonial Bask

unschool success stories

I'm so proud of the Unschoolers. Together we have done $426,023 in booked business, taken in $197,335.50 in CASH, and achieved an overall success rate of 72%. Most group programs struggle to reach 50% success. But we're no regular group program. We're a bunch of crazy genius record-breaking Aliens ;)  Following are just a few examples of the incredible success the UnSchoolers have seen.

Debora Luzi - cropped.png

$4,000 in two days.

Within two days of her Discovery Call, Debora Luzi booked a $4000 sale and banked $700 cash, for her highest sale ever and her first time taking CASH ON THE CALL, after not having made a sale in two months. She then went on to increase her monthly income 700% in December (you know, the month when no one has any money and no one is buying anything ;) ).

$35,000 in three months.

“Coming from a ‘girl’ who didn’t understand sales, shook on calls, thought ‘Who would pay me more that $300 for what I do?’ to becoming a woman who starts packages at $6,000 now and closes with ease,” Kelly Lunt increased her income 360%, and in less than three months closed over $30K. Not only that, but one of HER clients booked $35,000.

Kelly Lunt - cropped.png
Carly Cloer - cropped.png

$22,500 in three months

After her first call, Carly Cloer doubled her rates and activated massive transformations with her own clients. "After dating complete shallow losers [one client] attracted the love of her life and they are now living together, another went from $60K to $100K in 2 months (+66%!), and another is in negotiation with 2 separate offers to buy his company (his dream come true!). "Lorna, I thank God/Universe/Spiritual EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY I FOUND YOU. Joining UnSchool was the absolute BEST decision of my life."


$35,000 in three weeks

"I'm totally not a salesperson and I went from $1K months to $35,000 booked and $16,600 cash in 3 weeks!!! Total gamechanger. And about the retreat, I have no words. Forever changed is an understatement. And these people!!! These fucking incredible badass people have now become of my favorite in all the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hearts and souls. Lorna I love you!"




$18,500 in three months

Madeline Rose sold $18,500 in the last quarter of 2017, nearly doubling her sales each of those months and selling her first five figure package in December (when no one is buying, ;) ). Madeline has only been in business since May, just started selling in October, and also managed to close a coach she was thinking of HIRING just six weeks prior, who'd been working with one of the biggest and well-known coaches in the industry and who told Madeline she’s never been more challenged or had her mind opened more powerfully by any coach other than her. And, after their discovery call, she raised her rates by 60%!