Bonus VIP Clinic

Discover your gift and fully OWN it.
Find the confidence to sell and market and deliver it.

Bonus VIP Clinic
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Here's what the VIP Clinic includes...

    • 4-hour long clinic to discover your gift (I’m gifted at finding it quickly)
    • Design your offer
    • Completely activate your confidence and introduce you to the key concepts, techniques and next steps to sell and market your offer immediately.
    • A 2-hour Q&A call halfway through the course to keep you inspired, on track and connected to your energy, intuition and confidence

    Along with the cost of the Clinic, you will receive

    All 24 MasterClasses on...

    • How to sell, market and deliver at your highest genius
    • Activate your intuition and Soul Frequency so you step into flow and inspired action
    • Channel the specific words and phrases that will call in your ideal client
    • Learn how to master the highs and lows of your business by harmonizing your masculine and feminine energies

    Clinic Calls will be:

    Thursday, 12/21/2017 6:00-10:00pm CST

    Thursday, 3/15/2018 4:00-6:00pm CST

    Bonus VIP Clinic
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